Written Work

Freelance Work

I was hired as a ghostwriter through Elance to contribute two stories for a compilation of romance novels. Each story was to be 10 chapters/ 35,000 words. Below are excerpts from Seeing Red in Amesterdam and Handling More Than Mail.

You can view my Elements of Imagery profile at Elance, see my 5 out of 5 rating, and read feedback from my clients.


Seeing Red in Amsterdam is a story about three young women that start their European backpacking trip in Amsterdam where they meet a group of Irishmen. The inexperienced main character, Tori, is trying to move on from a highly controlling ex-boyfriend and attempts to have a summertime fling after living a life of isolation.

Seeing Red In Amsterdam Ch 1 Excerpt (Length 560 words)

Seeing Red in Amsterdam Ch 5 Excerpt (Length 896 words)

Handling More Than Mail is about a female patent attorney, Vivian, who has become jaded by narcissistic men and finds herself falling for a man working in her firm’s mail room. Even though she has an intense attraction to him, Vivian fears that her career might be compromised by the relationship. A scandal involving one of her co-workers puts Vivian in danger and reveals the mail room clerk’s secrets.

Handling More Than Mail Ch 2 Excerpt (Length 743 words)

Handling More Than Mail Ch 5 Excerpt (Length 664 words)


Short Stories

The Deep Hole

A short story about a young woman reflecting on a childhood memory of a mysterious hole in the neighborhood lake and the lesson her father tried to teach her. (Length 1,255 words)

Turtle’s Greatest Accomplishment

This was written in response to a prompt asking to write in 300 words or less about about a turtle’s greatest accomplishment in the first-person. I enjoy a playful challenge and took a tongue-in-cheek approach to the task. (Length 300 words)




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